Exterior Painting Services in Atlanta

For Patriot Painters to provide an accurate proposal to you, we start with a thorough inspection. We believe that giving you more information helps you make informed decisions about your project. Although we cannot foresee everything when we evaluate your project, we do our best to include what we can see with a good inspection. Although each home has a few unique needs, a quality exterior painting project normally consists of the following steps.

Exterior Painting Steps

Exterior Prep and Wood Repair
Scraping & Sanding, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant
Masking & Priming
Applying Full Strength Paint
Walk-through with Customer


Pressure washing is the best way to clean painted surfaces and remove dust, dirt, chalky oxidation, and loose paint. It also helps reveal bad/rotten wood hiding under old paint.

Scrape & Hand Sand, Nail Down, Oil Primer and Sealant

Surface prep is important to a long-lasting, high quality paint job. We scrape loose and peeling paint. Then we lightly sand the surface, so the new paint can bond better. Loose boards are secured with new nails and screws where necessary. We apply exterior primers to help the paint bond to the surface, and to block stains from rising to the surface of the new paint. Sealant/caulking is applied to seams and joints where wood meets wood or brick. We reseal existing caulked joints.


We protect your brick, windows, shingles, pool, landscape, light fixtures, etc.

Apply Full-Strength Paint

After all the prep is done, we apply the paint. Some areas are brushed, some rolled, some sprayed, but we always apply the paint full-strength. We spray the paint on where practical because it leaves a much nicer finish that brushing and we can lay the paint on much heavier than with brush and roll. We only use top shelf quality paints for all projects.


We make it our priority to keep the job site clean while working and at the end of each day. Even though the painting may be done, our work is not complete until we removal all trash from the site. We want to leave your property just as clean as we found it.

Final Walk-through with Customer

Once the painting and cleanup is complete, we walk-through with the homeowner for any additional touchups needed. We want you to be 100% satisfied.